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Putting Your Child First

We understand that your children are most important to you. Consequently, child custody cases are some of the most difficult and complex family law cases. At Beringer Law Firm, we provide our clients with the necessary legal knowledge and experience to help secure a favorable outcome for their custody cases. Our top priority is to put children front and center to reduce the impact a divorce can have on their lives.

In child custody cases, the court typically orders the situation that is deemed to be in the best interest of the child. Working with an experienced child custody lawyer in Carlsbad can help present your goals effectively. We seek to tailor our strategies to build solutions that address your needs and concerns as a parent while ensuring a positive outcome for your child’s benefit.

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Determining Your Child’s Best Interest

When a divorcing couple has children, custody must be established to ensure that the child’s needs are fully addressed. California law recognizes two different kinds of custody arrangements. Legal custody allows the parent to make important decisions regarding the child, such as education, medical care, and more. Physical custody, in contrast, determines where the child will live during certain times of the year. During a child custody case, determining physical and legal custody sets the foundation for other elements, including child support.

A judge is primarily concerned with the child’s best interests, so he or she will consider:

  • Continuity and stability in the home
  • Each parent’s ability to co-parent
  • The child’s preference
  • The health and safety of the child

California law also reflects that the child generally benefits from frequent and ongoing contact with both parents. However, circumstantial factors can affect this. Our Carlsbad child custody attorneys can help present relevant facts and evidence to ensure that your child’s needs are fully addressed.

Sole vs. Joint Custody in California

Sole custody is when one parent is given full custody over the child. This can be legal custody, physical custody, or both. Sole physical custody is also called “primary physical custody” in California.

Joint custody is when both parents must share the rights and responsibilities related to child custody. This can apply to legal custody, physical custody, or both.

In California, the courts don’t favor one type of custody over the other. Rather, they will decide on a case by case basis how to best act in the best interest of the child.

Establishing Child Visitation

Child visitation is often discussed during a child custody case. If a parent has physical custody of the child less than half of the time, he or she can receive a visitation order. A visitation order can either be agreed upon by both parents or enforced by the court.

Under California law, visitation is organized into three categories:

  • Scheduled visitation: Dates and times the child will be with each parent, including important dates and holidays
  • Reasonable visitation: Open-ended visitation that allows each parent to work out when the child will spend time with them
  • Supervised visitation: For cases where the well-being of the child requires a third party to be present when the parent is with the child

Do I Really Need A Lawyer for Child Custody in California?

Yes. Child custody cases determine the rights and responsibilities of each parent – and how each parent will spend time with their children. If you want to look out for yourself and your children, you will need an experienced child custody lawyer to represent your best interests, as well as the best interests of your children. While you can represent yourself in court, the state of California recommends talking with a lawyer to understand the law and your rights.

How a Lawyer Helps

If you and your co-parent disagree on how to split physical and legal custody, you will need an attorney to present your side of the case in family law court. If you and your co-parent agree on a parenting plan, you may still want an attorney to look over your agreement and make sure it is enforceable.

Sometimes, parents cannot agree on an important decision about their children and wind up in court to find the solution. Anytime you deal with the judge or the family law courts, you will want to have a lawyer on your side.

What’s the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

Physical custody refers to who your children live with, and legal custody refers to who makes important decisions about the health, education, and welfare of your children. In many situations, parents share both physical and legal custody, but the judge can also approve of joint legal custody with primary physical custody. If you believe a certain arrangement is in your child’s best interests, let our attorneys help you communicate this to the court and pursue the solution that works best for you and your family.

What Makes a Parenting Plan Enforceable?

An enforceable parenting plan is an order issued by the court, or an agreement of the parties approved by and filed with the Court.

To avoid enforcement issues and misunderstandings, it is important to have a clear and specific order. At Beringer Law Firm, our experienced attorneys can help you draft and obtain clear and enforceable orders in your case

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