Testimonials Superior Family Law Representation by Experienced & Compassionate Attorneys
  • I am very blessed to have had her represent me.
    Samin is a wonderful attorney, especially in challenging divorce cases. She was my attorney and helped me through my non-amicable divorce. She is honest, knowledgeable, and guided me through the divorce process. She gives excellent advice in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. She worked very diligently and is very easy to talk to. She also makes sure that you thoroughly understand your case. Samin and her staff are very professional, friendly, and willing to answer your questions. I feel I am very blessed to have had her represent me and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family if they ever needed a family law attorney.

    - A.R.

  • Samin got me everything I wanted
    Ok. I’m nothing short of amazed by the performance of Samin and her wonderful team. Samin came HIGHLY recommended by my longtime good friend. Oh by the way...that friend is also sitting at home with his children at pretty much 99% custody. YES!! Go Samin!

    She PICKED ME UP and wiped the dust off for me (figuratively) from the lowest and most depressing time of my life which was with no custody and in fact much more restrictive custody than most I’ve ever encountered.

    I basically had supervised visits with my babies. The cards were completely stacked against me with regard to my custody situation. I did my research as to what my odds in winning any custody back were and I was not looking good at all and in fact, to me, seemed to be an almost impossible uphill battle. Regardless of the many facts in my favor and Samin got me everything I wanted and especially my kids needed. I’m simply at a loss of words for how AMAZING this team really is and how comfortable they made me in a most anxious time in my life. I wouldn’t even ponder or think of looking elsewhere for representation.

    - B.F.

  • I would never want to work with another attorney.
    I went through 2 other attorneys before I found Samin and hopefully I'll never have to work with anyone else because she is FAR superior to the previous two that I worked with. She is honest and has integrity unlike so many in this field who just prey upon people that are already at their lowest. Her fees are more reasonable than most and as another reviewer said, she is great at having her paralegal do as much as possible which keeps her billable hours to a minimum. I won't lie, she is tough to get a hold of at times, but she does always get back to me within a reasonable time frame. She has been great at working with the opposing attorney (who is not an easy guy to work with!) and keeping us out of court as much as possible. The few times we had to go to court, she did a great job in presenting my side of things and getting the fairest agreement in place when my ex was trying to get as much money and custody as possible. I think part of the reason she is tough to get a hold of at times is that she is so busy and gives each client great attention when working on their case. I think she is busy because she is GOOD. I would never want to work with another attorney.

    - S.S.

  • Highly recommended
    Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff! My experience couldn't have been any smoother. I would highly recommend using The Beringer Law Firm.

    - A.T.

  • Samin Beringer really gave my case her 100%.
    From the beginning, Samin and her team made my experience extremely pleasant (even when it came to unpleasant situations). Everyone there is so understanding! Unlike other law firms, you're not passed back and forth. Samin Beringer really gave my case her 100%.

    - R.M.

  • Effective advocate and negotiator.
    Elizabeth did a good and conscientious job with my divorce. She was an effective advocate and negotiator during a very difficult time. I appreciated her style, and her willingness to collaborate with me. I found her to be an ethical and forthright attorney and feel fortunate to have hired her.

    - Jon

  • She surpassed all my expectations

    Elizabeth handled my case for child support and custody where she did a phenomenal job. She was direct, to the point and always gave me the best advice. When I was going through the hardest part of my life Elizabeth was there not just as my lawyer but as a person I could talk to and feel safe around. She listened to my wishes and did whatever she could for the best interest of my two kids. She surpassed all my expectations and now my kids are set up to have a great, happy and secure life.

    - Stephanie

  • Samin goes above and beyond to keep her client happy!
    Disputes regarding child custody and child supports are one of the most emotional and stressful situations one can experience in their life. After multiple interviews with other lawyers in the area I chose Samin because she made me feel like a friend, rather than just a client with a price tag. She really listened to my concerns; it was the best decision I could have made. Shortly after our initial meeting we already had an action plan and strategy in place. Her assertive attitude gave me a great sense of security, and her confidence, knowledge and skill won my case. Samin goes above and beyond to keep her client happy, and to keep a parent and child together. I will never be able to thank her enough for representing me.

    - B.L.

  • She helped me obtain a fair settlement and I was THRILLED that I never had to step foot in a court room.
    Samin helped me with my divorce in 2007/2008. I was initially very concerned with the amount of time, money and energy that the divorce would take. However, Samin made the process much less daunting. She was understanding and responsive. Samin helped me complete all of the paperwork and the case was resolved more quickly than I expected. She helped me obtain a fair settlement and I was THRILLED that I never had to step foot in a court room. If I ever have to go through any sort of family law proceedings again, I would hire Samin in a flash.

    - R.M.

  • Ms. Beringer made the entire process so quick and painless.
    I was referred to Ms. Beringer by a family friend, a past client who continuously praised her professionalism and expertise. During my divorce I was also dealing with a serious illness, so needless to say it was a very difficult time for me. Ms. Beringer made the entire process so quick and painless. She advised me exactly what to expect along the way and took care of everything imaginable. Not only is she a knowledgeable attorney, but she is extremely personable and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Ms. Beringer to my own family, friends, or anyone in need of a family law attorney.

    - N.A.

  • She is professional, knowledgeable, sharp and extremely capable.
    Ms. Beringer recently handled my divorce and I have since recommended her to all of my friends and family members who need a great family law attorney. She is professional, knowledgeable, sharp and extremely capable. Going through a divorce is obviously an extremely stressful process, but I trusted my attorney and she took care of everything . I cant imagine going through a divorce without an attorney who really knows what theyre doing. Ms. Beringer has the experience and tact to help anyone have a successful and smooth divorce.

    - L.J.

  • Such an amazing person and an incredible lawyer.
    I have been working with Elizabeth for four years for a very difficult divorce case. Elizabeth has been a LOT more than a lawyer for me. She has been a very wise friend to go to talk to when times get difficult. Every time that my ex puts me in a situation where I do not know what to do... she is my go-to person. She knows how to calm me down and patiently guide me through the necessary steps that I need to take. What she has done for me over the years is unbelievable and I am very thankful that a found her as a lawyer... Furthermore... what she did for me in this last court case that I had with my ex is unheard of!!! I feel very grateful to have a connection with such an amazing person and an incredible lawyer. Thank you Elizabeth you are so amazing!!!

    - Anonymous

  • Fantastic attorney!

    Incredibly proficient, kind and professional, Attorney Fox helped me through some very difficult times and I felt that I could truly rely on her. Not only was I ecstatic about the results she fought fervently to obtain, but she made the process bearable. Thank you!

    - Lisa