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Fathers play an instrumental role in the lives of their children. There are misconceptions that the courts tend to favor the mother when it comes to child custody and support; however, the California courts believe that children benefit from regular interactions with both of their parents. The only way that a man can protect his rights is to establish himself as the biological or legal father of the child. A Carlsbad paternity attorney from Beringer Law Firm can protect your rights under the law.

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What Are Fathers’ Rights?

It is understandable that a father would like access to his children and the ability to make decisions on their behalf. If the parents were not married or got a divorce, fathers need to take their case to the court. This helps to ensure that the father has a relationship with his child and the ability to provide for their needs without interference.

We strive to uphold your rights as a father, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation rights

How to Establish Paternity

Paternity needs to be established in the event that the child’s parents are not married at the time of the child’s birth. When the parents of a child are married, the courts assume those parents to have biological and legal rights over that child. If the parents are not married, and even if a man can be biologically proven as the father through genetic testing, legal rights need to be established.

A father must establish paternity before he is able to pursue custody, visitation, or child support by:

  • Signing an official Declaration of Paternity at the hospital
  • Obtaining a court order and bringing the case to litigation

Once paternity is established, the father has all associated rights and responsibilities. The court seeks to make a decision based on the best interest of the child, so working with a family lawyer can ensure that your interests are represented.

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Our Carlsbad paternity lawyers have extensive experience helping families with their family law concerns. We counsel our clients throughout the process of establishing paternity and provide suggestions to help secure a successful resolution. If you want to establish paternity and protect your rights as a father, count on Beringer Law Firm.

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