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Are you seeking to establish child support during a divorce, change the amount of support you pay or receive, or even collect on your current child support obligation?

Please speak with our experienced child support lawyers in Carlsbad and San Diego County, who know how to stand up for our client's rights. Beringer Law Firm has a reputation for providing results-driven representation that strives to help clients secure a fair resolution to their family law case.

With over two decades of combined experience, our counsel understands how to navigate the complexity of family law while advocating for our clients.

We can provide guidance when settling with the other parent outside of court or aggressive litigation when bringing a case to court. Our emphasis on personalized service means that our clients receive the type of support that meets their unique needs.

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Is There a Statute of Limitations on Child Support in California?

There is no statute of limitations on child support in California. Therefore, you can only file for contempt regarding the last three years' worth of support payments. However, if you are over the three-year mark, eligible parents with past-due payments can apply to the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP).

How Is Child Support Calculated in California?

Child support is primarily based on the child custody and visitation agreements the parents have established and each parent’s income. Child support is intended to ensure that the child is financially taken care of and that neither parent is struggling to maintain a standard of living.

Under California law, child support payments are calculated by a formula that considers:

  • Current income
  • Ability to earn money
  • Custody and visitation
  • Health insurance
  • Union dues
  • Retirement payments
  • Standard of living
  • Needs of the child

While these guidelines affect the consideration process, some variables can affect the outcome.

For example, if you have lost a job, modified the custody arrangement, or are experiencing a sudden health problem, you can petition to modify the child support agreement.

It would be best if you worked with an experienced child support lawyer in Carlsbad, serving San Diego County, to compile evidence and bring a case before the court.

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Child support in California is calculated through established guidelines that the court tends to follow unless presented with other evidence. Beringer Law Firm is familiar with mediation between parents to align these guidelines with their individual needs.

If we need to take your child support case to court, we understand how to present information to secure a favorable outcome.

We are experienced in all types of child support actions and can provide the guidance you are looking for.

Please reach out to us at (760) 546-9900 today. We are dedicated to serving families in San Diego County and the surrounding areas.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long can I go back to collect unpaid child support in California?

In California, you can only file for contempt regarding the last three years' worth of support payments. However, eligible parents with past-due payments can apply to the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP) if they are over the three-year mark.

How Much Back Child Support is a Felony in California?

In California, when a parent who should be paying child support owes more than $2,500 in back payments consistently, it can result in a felony charge.

What factors are considered when calculating child support in California?

Child support in California is calculated based on factors such as current income, ability to earn money, custody and visitation arrangements, health insurance, union dues, retirement payments, standard of living, and the needs of the child. While these guidelines affect the consideration process, some variables can affect the outcome.

Is there a limit to the amount of back child support owed in California?

In California, owing more than $2,500 in back child support payments consistently can result in a felony charge.

How can a child support lawyer help with modifying an existing child support agreement?

Experienced child support lawyers can assist in petitioning to modify a child support agreement if there are significant changes such as job loss, modified custody arrangements, or sudden health problems. They can help compile evidence and bring a case before the court.

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